Facade Repair

Ev-Air-Tight has over 50 years experience in the Washington area performing all aspects of facade repair.

We have sound relationships with other experts with whom we partner to offer a complete package of facade repair and restoration. We can perform any or all aspects of restoration and repair from caulking, tuckpointing, patching masonry, metal repair and restoration, painting and applying coatings. We not only remove and replace existing caulking when caulking replacement is called for in a project. We have the depth of knowledge to know when a joint is not properly sized to perform its intended function and will make sure it is before it is recaulked. We pay attention to details like completely removing existing caulking prior to placement of new material and applying the right primers to assure it bonds properly. Our emphasis is always on doing the work the way it is supposed to be done so our customers get a long-lasting, high-quality end product.