There is more to tuckpointing than merely putting mortar in cracked mortar joints. You can count on Ev-Air-Tight to properly tuckpoint your failed masonry joints.

Mortar joints between masonry units such as brick, block, and stone will deteriorate over time, which will allow water intrusion and ultimately failure to the units. The repointing process involves removal of the deteriorated mortar, installing a new compatible mortar. Ev-Air-Tight’s experience includes repointing of all types and upon your request, will have your mortar composition tested for an exact match. It is critical to the integrity of the masonry that the proper mortar mix is made and installed. There are different types of cements, aggregates and pigments that must be chosen to create just the right mortar mix in order to properly perform a tuckpointing job. The joints must be carefully prepared to accept the new mortar without damaging the surrounding masonry. This requires skilled and trained mechanics. Ev-Air-Tight prides itself in the quality of our workers and the care they take to assure their work is the best in the industry.