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About Ev-Air-Tight LLC

Ev-Air-Tight LLC was founded in 1919 by William Shoemaker in Philadelphia, PA. In 1954, Bert Shoemaker, son of the founder William Shoemaker, opened a branch in Washington, D.C. In 1981 Larry Genovere current owner and president of Ev-Air-Tight LLC started with the company.

The company is now led by Larry Genovere; Bob Plummer, Executive Vice President; Tristan Keen, Vice President and Richard Cassagnol, Vice President. Under Larry and his team’s diligence and hard work the company has become a leader in the commercial full-service concrete, masonry, waterproofing and restoration repair field. Since Larry and his team have taken over, the company has grown in revenue by 300 percent. What began as a four man start up in 1919 has grown to now employ 250 plus employees in a multi-billion-dollar industry. Ev-Air-Tight LLC handles a variety of projects from one-day service calls to multi-million-dollar, multi-year projects. With a $75 million bonding capacity, over $6 million dollars in equipment and a sound re-investment strategy, Ev-Air-Tight LLC continues to maintain a competitive edge.

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Ev-Air-Tight LLC continues to serve, condominiums, property managers, asset managers and structural engineers in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area. Leadership prides itself in remaining easily accessible to all clients by maintaining a flat organizational structure to facilitate clear communication and quick decision making.

Today, the company has a grounded reputation for quality workmanship with honesty and integrity as its cornerstones. Through managed growth, Ev-Air-Tight LLC has achieved success and will continue to achieve success by creating a culture of honesty and respect within.

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