Park Center Alexandria VA

Hot Rubber | Pavers | Drains | Plaza Deck Expansion Joints | Concrete | Caulking

The Park Center project entailed renovation of approximately 50,000 square feet of terraces. For reference, An NFL football playing field is one acre, which is 43,560 square feet.

The Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker team used X-rays to identify both existing and damaged post tension cables that were in need of repair. Existing topping concrete slabs were demolished, prepped, and repaired.   Surfaces were prepared and dozens of drains and associated drain lines were installed.

Garage repairs entailed concrete restoration, installation of a Hot Rubberized Asphalt (HRA) System. All expansion joints were waterproofed to the engineer’s and manufacturer’s specifications.

Numerous planters required excavating and waterproofing to ensure proper functionality. Garage topping slabs were also replaced in many areas, adding to the site aesthetics.

Heavy commercial use areas also have special requirements. Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker replaced the loading dock using fibers in concrete to prevent cracking, and installed new Hanover pavers on the pedestals, adding to the overall character of the building.

Specializing in “challenging access” situations, the Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker team tackled the task of working in the open gymnasium area to install drains and associated drain lines.

And last, but not least, topped of the project by replacing the asphalt parking lots and re-striping them, all ready to welcome guests.

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