Balcony Repair

Ev-Air-Tight has experience repairing balconies dating back to 1980.

The scope of this service varies widely from one project to another and so does the complexity.  In some cases only minor surface repairs are needed.  The repair procedure could simply involve the removal of spalled concrete on the surface, detailing the edges of the repair area and properly placing an appropriate patch material.  Other times the project could involve railing removal, shoring, extensive demolition, rebar replacement, forming and pouring new concrete, new railings and deck coatings.  Add to this a limited area at ground level that requires complicated overhead protection and you have one of the more complicated projects with which we have experience.  The one pictured above required a boom lift placed on a floating barge.

Ev-Air-Tight has the experience you need to properly and professionally repair balconies.  Our advantage is in the level of service we offer to make the project trouble-free.