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Balcony Repair

Balcony Repair

Balcony Repair

Ev-Air-Tight LLC has experience repairing balconies dating back to 1980. The scope of this service varies widely from one project to another and so does the complexity.  In some cases only minor surface repairs are needed.  The repair procedure could simply involve the removal of spalled concrete on the surface, detailing the edges of the repair area and properly placing an appropriate patch material.  Other times the project could involve railing removal, shoring, extensive demolition, rebar replacement, forming and pouring new concrete, new railings and deck coatings.  Add to this a limited area at ground level that requires complicated overhead protection and you have one of the more complicated projects with which we have experience.  The one pictured above required a boom lift placed on a floating barge.

Ev-Air-Tight LLC has the experience you need to properly and professionally repair balconies.  Our advantage is in the level of service we offer to make the project trouble-free.

Balcony Repair

We can Fix your Damaged Balcony

There are many different levels of damage which might occur to balconies on your building, and that means there will be several possible approaches which might be necessary to carry out any repairs. In situations where the concrete on the balcony has become spalled (it has absorbed moisture, and is either flaking off or breaking off larger chips), the repair procedure might simply involve removing the damaged concrete, detailing the edges of the area being repaired, and installing a patch material that will provide durability for years to come.

Not all balcony repair jobs are that easy though, and they can certainly be much more complicated, depending on exactly what has caused the damage in the first place. It could be necessary to remove the railing entirely, shore up the support structure, demolish parts of the balcony, replace the rebar reinforcement in the concrete, pour fresh concrete, add new railings, and apply fresh coatings to the concrete and or railings. As you can see, this could potentially call for an extensive repair effort, and in some cases it can even be a complete replacement of the original balcony.

Full replacements are generally only necessary when the structural soundness of the balcony has come into question, and any damage less severe than that can be handled using as many of the skills and processes above as are necessary to restore the balcony to its original condition. It may also be necessary to install some kind of overhead protection, so as to ensure that no pedestrians or other passers-by can become injured by breakaway pieces of the compromised balcony structure.

Ev-Air-Tight LLC can Offers Effective Repair Solutions

At Ev-Air-Tight LLC we have been repairing balconies for the past 40 years for clients in the area around Northern Virginia and Maryland, and we have a great deal of experience and knowledge which we can bring to the table. Regardless of the level of complexity involved in any balcony repair job, we can provide the most effective solution, and in the most timely manner possible. We recognize that having a balcony out of service may interfere with your business operations, so we always try to handle the repair effort as quickly as we can.

When our specialist arrives at your location, he/she will assess the damage and then consult with you about the best approach to accomplishing necessary repairs. Then the most effective solution will be implemented, and your balcony will be fully restored to its original condition. At this point, you can once again have peace of mind that it is completely functional, and that there will be no loss of aesthetic appeal.