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Ev-Air-Tight LLC has been involved in our industry in the Washington area since the 1950’s during which time we have witnessed the evolution of products for coating all types of masonry. There have been remarkable improvements over the years. We can now offer coatings for walls that run the gamut from clear sealers to silicone-based decorative and protective coatings. For concrete slabs, we can apply everything from clear sealers to traffic-bearing urethane coatings.

We have established great relationships with manufacturers and distributors of many products. These relationships benefit our customers by adding to our depth of knowledge to assure the best products are offered in every situation and that they are applied exactly according to the manufacturers’ requirements.

Parking Garage Coatings

Floor Coatings to Offer Maximum Protection for your Surface

During the last several decades, many advancements have been made in the area of masonry coatings applied to buildings. As new scientific discoveries are made, these discoveries can be applied to increase the effectiveness of such coatings, so as to preserve the integrity of your building, and prevent damage by water infiltration or by other weather elements. At Ev-Air-Tight LLC, we have stayed abreast of all these new developments regarding better coatings, so we can make them available to our customers, and provide better options for preserving buildings.

Many new coatings have been formulated so as to improve their toughness and durability, for instance those which might be used on floors in heavy-traffic settings like a manufacturing floor or a warehouse. Protecting your floors with durable coatings can add years of life to those floors, and delay any kind of replacement by years. Urethane coatings are particularly good in these applications, because they can withstand heavy weights, as well as high volumes of traffic.

Other coatings are made with the safety of employees in mind, and can protect against slips and falls which might cause serious injury. Some silicone-based coatings even have decorative purposes, and can improve the appearance of any surface where they’re applied, adding aesthetic appeal to your walls or floors. Whatever your motivation might be for applying a new coating to your walls, floors, or masonry surfaces, you’ll find the best products and the best service at our shop, which serves the entire region around Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Proper Application is Key to Success

It is estimated that approximately three of every four attempts to apply a new coating will result in some degree of failure. Why? The main reason for failure is that the surface to be coated has been improperly prepared. Our specialists are well acquainted with the need to properly prepare a surface before applying any new coating, and that’s why they take the time to make sure this step is carried out properly. That means the surface must be completely cleared of any kind of debris or dirt, and that it is also totally dry before applying the new coating.

After sweeping or vacuuming the surface, it has to be cleansed of any local contaminants, such as paint, stains, or other types of debris. After this, any further surface preparation will depend on the specific type of surface which the coating will be applied to. A wood surface for instance, might require extra preparation, because it is very porous and flexible. Wood surfaces will generally need to be sanded, not only to remove contaminants, but to ensure proper adhesion with the new sealant or coating.

Our specialists have been trained and have years of experience that has helped them to fully understand the importance of surface preparation. When you choose our company for applying new coatings, you can count on the fact that the coating will be applied correctly, the very first time.