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Concrete Repair

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Concrete Repair

Concrete is made up of water, aggregate and cement with a variety of additives designed to achieve the specific physical properties for the specific need or application.  Steel reinforcement is a major component of concrete construction especially when structural requirements are present.

Over time, concrete can degrade, the causes are various and range from chemical damage, fire damage, corrosion of embedded steel reinforcements, physical damage and aggregate expansion.

Ev-Air-Tight LLC has extensive experience repairing and strengthening concrete structures.  The first step is to determine the cause of degradation and then by selecting the appropriate technique Ev-Air can restore the concrete structure to its original condition.  Strengthening techniques include increasing the overall cross-section of the existing structure, the addition of external reinforcing members such as steel plates, beams and columns or the addition of fiber composites.

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Restore Your Concrete to Avoid Bigger Problems

It might seem as though concrete should last forever, since it is one of the hardest man-made substances in existence. However, even the hardest substances can break down over time, especially when they’re exposed to forces which are capable of degrading them. For instance, the cycles of expansion and contraction which accompany freezing and thawing can eventually cause concrete to crack, and once that happens the concrete will be vulnerable to a number of other forces as well, notably groundwater which can penetrate those cracks to cause further damage.

Buildings can also settle over a long period of time, or they might be subjected to tremors which occur naturally, and this can also lead to the formation of cracks in a foundation. In some cases, excessive loads on a foundation can cause it to buckle under the weight, and that will also cause cracks to form. Whatever the causes may be, concrete is subject to becoming cracked by several different forces, and that can quickly lead to the structure becoming compromised, and in need of concrete repairs.

Contact Ev-Air-Tight LLC for Repairing Your Concrete

If you own or manage a building somewhere in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or the Washington D.C. area, you should contact Ev-Air-Tight LLC to have your concrete repairs done. We have been in business for an astonishingly long period of time – more than 100 years now – and during all those years, we have become experts at all kinds of stone and masonry repairs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle, and we’ll be glad to tackle whatever concrete repairs you may have in mind. Our specialists can be at your location promptly to diagnose the issue with your concrete structure, and they will then discuss some possible courses of action with you, which will provide an effective solution to the problem.

Even if your structure has reinforced concrete with rebar, we’ll be able to carry out either partial repairs or a full replacement, if that makes more sense. Regardless of the severity of your concrete problem, we’ll be able to provide a solution which will last for years, and will restore full structural integrity to your building. You can count on the job being done properly, and you can also expect the best customer service of any contractor in the region, because we make a point of aiming for 100% customer satisfaction.

It should be easy for you to remember our company – we’re the one which has been in business for more than a century. When you need any kind of concrete repairs, including waterproofing, you should remember our name as well, Ev-Air-Tight LLC, because we can deliver the best results, as well as the most professional customer service.