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Facade Repair

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Facade Repair

Ev-Air-Tight has over 50 years experience in the Washington area performing all aspects of facade repair. We have sound relationships with other experts with whom we partner to offer a complete package of facade repair and restoration. We can perform any or all aspects of restoration and repair from caulking, tuckpointing, patching masonry, metal repair and restoration, painting and applying coatings. We not only remove and replace existing caulking when caulking replacement is called for in a project.

We have the depth of knowledge to know when a joint is not properly sized to perform its intended function and will make sure it is before it is recaulked. We pay attention to details like completely removing existing caulking prior to placement of new material and applying the right primers to assure it bonds properly. Our emphasis is always on doing the work the way it is supposed to be done so our customers get a long-lasting, high-quality end product.

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Restore & Protect the Exterior of your Commercial Building

The facade of any building is that outer shell which protects the occupants from the weather outside, and which also provides some level of protection against intruders. It consists of the roof, the windows, and all the exterior cladding which serve to separate the building inhabitants from the outside. As such, it can be of vital importance to maintain the integrity of the facade against such forces as rot, deteriorating paint, wood paneling failures, cracked wood, and even leakage which can occur almost anywhere in the facade.

It would be hard to overstate the importance of a building’s facade to the occupants, which is why it is so vital that regular inspections and repairs take place as needed, so as to maintain the soundness of the facade. If there is any weakness in the facade, it will not be able to perform its function of protecting inhabitants in the manner which it was intended. If you are the owner or manager of a building such as a multi-family dwelling, it becomes a major responsibility for you to carry out periodic inspections on the facade, so you’ll identify any sources of deterioration before they develop into major issues.

Professional Facade Repair Contractors

While residential homeowners might not know who to call for facade repairs, any property manager who’s been on the job for a while will probably have gone through an experience where these kinds of repairs were needed. If you aren’t sure about who to work with, you should definitely call us at Ev-Air-Tight LLC because we have been in the business of concrete and masonry repair, as well as facade repairs, for more than 100 years now. It isn’t every day that you work with a century-old business, but when you do have need of facade repairs, we hope you’ll call us first.

If your building is located somewhere in the region around Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington D.C., you are within our normal service area, and we can be at your location promptly to diagnose any issues you may have with your building’s facade. Once we’ve conducted a thorough inspection of the facade, we’ll be able to inform you of all potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses which may need remediation. Then we can discuss the most desirable approach to take, depending on your time constraints, your budget, and your goals of restoring building integrity.

Why Choose Ev-Air-Tight?

When you choose to work with Ev-Air-Tight LLC we won’t just do the necessary facade repairs for you – we’ll also identify the root causes of any problems which need correction. When you know what those causes are, it will become possible to avoid having the same thing happen a few months later. That’s how we go one step further than the competition, in achieving 100% customer satisfaction, and making sure our clients are totally happy with the service we provide.