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Parking Structures

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Parking Structures

Ev-Air-Tight LLC has extensive experience repairing garage structures of all types including cast-in-place and pre-cast parking structures. Services include power washing, stain removal, sealing, routing and sealing cracks, expansion joint replacement, steel repair, replacement of shear connections, partial and full depth repairs, repairs to columns and beams, application of corrosion inhibitors, sealer application, and removal of traffic coatings, applying new traffic coatings and striping.

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Maintenance Services for your Garage Structure

With more and more automobiles on the roads each year, the need for parking structures has increased tremendously in recent years. Whenever a special event is held, there will be a congregation of vehicles which require space to park near the event, especially if the event is held in an urban setting where parking space is at a premium. Inner city parking areas are also necessary to accommodate the huge number of people and cars which are drawn to the city for employment reasons, since no form of street parking would be adequate to manage all those vehicles.

Due to the heavy usage these parking structures get, it’s inevitable that some kind of wear and tear or other deterioration will take place. At that point, it will become necessary to take some kind of action to prevent further and more widespread degradation. That’s when you should contact us at Ev-Air-Tight LLC because we have years of experience in remediating damage which has occurred to various types of parking structures. Whether you own or manage a one-story, two-story, or other multi-storied parking structure, we have the expertise and the knowledge to make it structurally sound again, and to repair any damage which has taken place.

High Quality Restoration & Maintenance Services

When you need repairs done to your parking structures, you’ll want to be sure that you can trust a contractor to do high-quality work, and to get the work done on time, and on budget. After all, if some section of your parking facility is out of service, it’s costing you money until it comes back online and can be used again. We have built up a reputation in the area of Northern Virginia and Maryland for being extremely reliable, and for being very customer-oriented. That means we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the work done before we consider it completed.

Our specialists are very experienced with making repairs to parking structures and other types of masonry work, so they can quickly assess the level of damage which has occurred, and formulate an approach which will provide the most effective solution. You can count on the quality of work done by any of our well-trained specialists, and that means you’ll have complete confidence that your parking structure will be fully repaired, and ready again for years of service.

If you have any doubts about the structural integrity of your parking structure, or if you’ve noticed that some obvious repair work is needed, you should contact us right away at Ev-Air-Tight LLC. We can inspect the site to determine the extent of damage, and then consult with you about the best way to accomplish any repairs. Once you begin working with us, you can have peace of mind that all necessary repairs will be accomplished quickly and effectively.