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Stone Restoration

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Stone Restoration

Ev-Air-Tight LLC is experienced in the repair of stone facades; whether it is a small chip, large chip, crack, or large spall. Methods of repair include the use of specialized materials, dowels, pins, angles, patching compounds and adhesives.

  • Small chips often lend character to the building façade and don’t present a problem to the performance and integrity to the structure.
  • Large chips may be repaired using cementitious materials made for the purpose. This is the kind of material ordinarily used by the fabricators. Skillfully placed, these repairs are nearly invisible and are suitable for use at a building’s upper areas, or those areas not seen at close range.
  • Very large chips at high visibility areas are typically repaired using a “dutchman”. This is a separate piece of stone cut to fit tightly in the squared-up void.

Ev-Air-Tight LLC is experienced in handling difficult repairs with a penchant for producing aesthetically pleasing repairs that have structural integrity.

Stone Restoration

Stone Face Repair & Restoration Services

Stone restoration is not something the average do-it-yourselfer will be equipped to handle, especially since some advanced skills are frequently called for during the process. The specific skills and processes which come into play will generally depend on the severity of the damage which has been done to a stone surface. There are lots of reasons that stone facades to buildings can sustain some kind of damage, e.g. severe weather, hail or sleet, or just normal wear and tear over a number of years. The end result of this damage can be small chips which break off, larger chips which are more noticeable, or major sections of stone that break away.

When you experience any of these types of damage to your stone facade, the company to contact is Ev-Air-Tight LLC We have trained specialists on hand who will know just the right approach to take, so your stone surface can be restored to its original state of attractiveness and structural integrity. Contact us at your earliest opportunity, so we can prevent any further damage from occurring to your facade. We service a huge region around Northern Virginia and Maryland, including Washington, D.C., so if you’re anywhere within that broad area, we’ll be able to help you.

Our Approach to Repairing Stone Facade

If you suspect damage has been done to your stone facade, contact us so we can perform a thorough inspection of the exterior, and assess any damage which may have occurred. If there are only small chips which have broken off, this may not necessarily call for stone restoration, especially in cases where no further deterioration is likely. Larger chips which have broken off can be replaced by a cement mixture which we would specially prepare for the purpose, and which would handle your specific situation.

These kinds of cement mixtures are virtually unnoticeable, unless viewed at close range, so they are suitable for most cases where larger chips have broken away from your building facade. When much larger pieces of stone have been lost for some reason, the best solution may be to install what’s referred to as a ‘dutchman’, which is a specially-fabricated piece of matching stone, that would be cut to fill the void left by the loss of the original piece of stone. In most cases, the replacement dutchman is undetectable when skillfully installed by one of our talented specialists, so your building will suffer no loss of aesthetics, or of protective capability.