Structural Steel Repair

Steel components commonly found on buildings include railings, lintels, shelf angles, metal decks, beams, columns, bearing pads, shims, rebar, cables, anchors, clips fasteners, bollards, fencing, ornamental features, stair cases, canopies and a variety of other components.

Steel is subject to corrosion especially when it’s not properly coated or maintained. In some cases the steel can be refurbished and in other cases extensive repair and or replacement of the steel may be required.

Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker has extensive experience in refurbishing steel components which include a variety of corrosion removal, preparation and coating techniques. If the corrosion is extensive Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker is skilled in replacing old with new or coming up with more extensive repair alternatives which include fabricating, erecting and welding.