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Structural Steel Repair

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Structural Steel Repair

Steel components commonly found on buildings include railings, lintels, shelf angles, metal decks, beams, columns, bearing pads, shims, rebar, cables, anchors, clips fasteners, bollards, fencing, ornamental features, stair cases, canopies and a variety of other components.

Steel is subject to corrosion especially when it’s not properly coated or maintained. In some cases the steel can be refurbished and in other cases extensive repair and or replacement of the steel may be required.

Ev-Air-Tight LLC has extensive experience in refurbishing steel components which include a variety of corrosion removal, preparation and coating techniques. If the corrosion is extensive Ev-Air-Tight LLC is skilled in replacing old with new or coming up with more extensive repair alternatives which include fabricating, erecting and welding.

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Repairing the Steel for Commercial & Industrial Structures

You might think that steel is virtually indestructible, and in many cases it is nearly so, but there are some things which can cause even steel to deteriorate. For instance, if steel were left uncoated, it could certainly develop rust over time, and that would significantly degrade the metal and render it much less effective.

Surprisingly, steel can also be damaged by extreme heat, although you might not see the damage right away. Similarly, steel can be degraded by the level of stress it is subjected to, and the frequency (or lack of frequency) that it is maintained. In short, even super strong steel is subject to deterioration if not properly maintained and treated.

Structural steel used in the construction of large buildings is generally subject to enormous stresses, and that can be compounded by exposure to moisture, or by the fact that it is not sealed or coated with a protective coating. What all this adds up to is that it’s entirely possible for any steel components found in a building to be damaged over time.

This includes steel I-beams, railings, lintels, shelf angles, staircases, canopies, balconies, anchors, fencing, and even various decorative features mounted on the building. Whenever the steel in your building is showing signs of aging, or of some kind of stress damage, you should call the experts at Ev-Air-Tight LLC.

Repair for Steel Structures and Components

The level of repair needed for your steel structures or components will depend on the severity and the extent of the damage you’ve sustained. In the case of minor damage, the steel can usually be refurbished and brought back up to an acceptable and safe level. Sometimes however, the damage is too extensive for refurbishment, and it may be necessary to carry out a complete replacement of the steel, often in the case of a load-bearing steel component.

Any load-bearing steel structure has to be strong enough to bear the weight of everything above it, and if it cannot do this, there is a definite safety hazard for building occupants. At Ev-Air-Tight LLC, we will always thoroughly evaluate any damage done to your building’s steel components, and discuss potential solutions with you before proceeding.

Many times, all that would be necessary is the removal of corrosion, and the proper coating of your steel components with a suitable and effective sealant. At other times, it may be necessary to carry out fabricating, new construction, or welding in order to maintain structural integrity for your building. Whatever the best solution may happen to be, you can count on our specialists to find the best way to handle your structural steel repairs.