Winthrop House

Garage Concrete | Coatings | Carbon Fiber Wrap on Columns

Winthrop House in Washington, D.C. is a Historic Preservation Building located on Massachusetts Avenue. Originally built in 1940 as an apartment building, the Winthrop House was converted into condominiums in the 1960s.  Located in the heart of Dupont Circle, Winthrop house offers its residents a modern home, while retaining the Art Deco architectural and cultural history.

Historic buildings require special care. The parking garage at Winthrop House required concrete restoration due to the degradation of concrete. Repair solutions from Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker entailed restoration of the concrete parking area, including coating the elevated deck with a urethane traffic coating and coating the slab on grade deck with an epoxy coating to protect the surface. Structural columns in the garage were repaired with carbon fiber for durability.

The Winthrop House project was four to five months in length, but our skilled team took every precaution to minimize disruptions to the residents, and ensure their safety throughout the duration of the project.

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