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Flashing Remediation

Flashing Remediation

Flashing Remediation

Flashing remediation is a commonly required repair item, typically in older buildings where flashings were not installed, and in newer buildings where flashing was not installed correctly. Ev-Air-Tight LLC has extensive experience in the installation of flashing of all types, including through-wall flashings, above windows and doors, at the base of walls, above lintels, and shelf angles and below grade.

Corrosion of structural steel is one of the leading causes of masonry repairs. During the through-wall flashing process, Ev-Air-Tight LLC takes care to inspect backup walls and structural steel. We can mechanically clean, prime, coat, repair and replace structural steel.

Flashing Remediation

Protect Your Building with Flashing Remediation

Flashing is a building material which is included in most new construction projects on buildings, so as to effectively manage and discourage water absorption by masonry and other materials. When masonry absorbs water, it tends to dry out and that will always cause deterioration to accelerate. By having flashing installed, water absorption occurs at a far lower rate, which tends to extend the life expectancy of all the masonry work. In order to be sure that your building is protected against premature deterioration, you should have your building’s flashing inspected.

You may find that there is none at all, or that it has become degraded over time, or even that it was never installed properly the first time around. In any of these cases, our company can perform flashing remediation for you to ensure that your flashing is actually up to snuff. Contact us at Ev-Air-Tight LLC to have your flashing inspected, and to have any remediation performed which might be necessary.

Our Approach to Prevent Water Damage

We take a thorough approach to flashing remediation, so that you can be sure your building will not be suffering from water damage to the masonry. First of all, we will remove the masonry above any damaged location, usually about three courses above the affected area. If flashing was previously installed, it will be removed and discarded, and then the affected area will be cleaned, primed, and repainted, if necessary.

Then a new stainless steel drip edge will be installed, followed by the installation of new flashing which contains weeps and end damns. Finally a termination bar will be installed with the necessary fasteners, and a sealant will be applied. The last step calls for the original masonry to be replaced with materials which are a close match, so that ultimately the flashing remediation is almost undetectable on the façade.

When this process is performed properly, it will add significantly to the life of your masonry work, and will prevent virtually all water infiltration on the façade of your building. The cost of flashing remediation is far less than it would be to carry out major repairs on your building façade, so it’s a very good investment into the long-term viability of your building structure.

If you suspect that the integrity of your building flashing has been compromised, contact us right away so that we can prevent any further damage to your building. Our specialists can conduct a thorough examination of the façade to determine the extent of any damage which has already taken place. Then we can carry out whatever remediation is necessary to restore the integrity of your building, and to ensure that no further deterioration occurs. When you need any kind of flashing remediation, you should call us at Ev-Air-Tight LLC.