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Testimonials & Reviews for Ev-Air-Tight LLC

Ev-Air-Tight is one of the most dependable contractors I've ever worked with. They provide practical solutions to solve concrete/masonry/waterproofing issues and provide a high level of service whether the project is a one day repair or complex project phased over several months.
Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker was a natural choice when it came time to repair this historic property. Their experience, expertise, and professionalism were unparalleled.
Speaking on behalf of my entire senior staff, I am honored to say that we highly recommend Ev-Air-Tight to all our clients. In the thirty years that my staff and I have worked with them, they have always proven themselves to be “stand up” people who do what they promise. They truly are great people who do extremely good work.
Ev-Air-Tight has performed work at our buildings for more than two decades. They are focused on establishing long term relationships with owners, by providing fair pricing and excellent workmanship.
We engaged with Ev-Air-Tight, Shoemaker to clean, and water-proof the outside of our building. We found them highly professional, responsive, and customer-oriented. They were good about communicating with us in advance of the project about when it would start, and met their committed timelines and deliverables. a few weeks after they finished the work, there was a fire near one of the walls they had sealed and painted. We reached out, and they immediately offered to come out and repaint the wall, at no additional cost. Overall a great experience!
As Property Manager for a 1M square foot office, retail, and below grade public parking facility in Washington DC, I have relied heavily on Ev-Air-Tight’s subject matter expertise, flexibility, and delivery of services (concrete repair and replacement, waterproofing, roof anchors, and facade caulking) for over 16 years without any performance, personnel, budget, workmanship, flexibility, or warranty issues. Being occupied by a high profile Federal Agency with mission critical operating requirements, and connected to a large hotel, the property offers unique challenges with respect to construction work (noise generation, time of day, interruption of services, etc.), and Ev-Air-Tight has always met these challenges, often mid project, without any difficulty or additional cost. This can be attributed to their professionalism and hands on approach, from Bob Plummer (Executive Vice President), down to their personnel in the field. In short, I highly recommend Ev-Air-Tight for your project.