As Property Manager for a 1M square foot office, retail, and below grade public parking facility in Washington DC, I have relied heavily on Ev-Air-Tight’s subject matter expertise, flexibility, and delivery of services (concrete repair and replacement, waterproofing, roof anchors, and facade caulking) for over 16 years without any performance, personnel, budget, workmanship, flexibility, or warranty issues. Being occupied by a high profile Federal Agency with mission critical operating requirements, and connected to a large hotel, the property offers unique challenges with respect to construction work (noise generation, time of day, interruption of services, etc.), and Ev-Air-Tight has always met these challenges, often mid project, without any difficulty or additional cost. This can be attributed to their professionalism and hands on approach, from Bob Plummer (Executive Vice President), down to their personnel in the field. In short, I highly recommend Ev-Air-Tight for your project.