Watergate Village Columns

Exterior Wall Coatings | PreCast Column Rebuild | Concrete Spall Repairs | Tuck Pointing

Over the course of nearly 35 years EV-Air-Tight, Shoemaker has regularly responded to requests for various types of waterproofing and restoration work on this property.

Developed on the Annapolis waterfront in the 1960’s, Watergate Village consists of seven mid-rise buildings constructed with split face block exteriors and 15 low-rise buildings with brick and siding exteriors.  The exterior columns on the mid-rise buildings have precast covers to make them appear to be limestone.  The EV-Air-Tight team tuckpointed and applied a mineral-based coating on all the split face block successfully reducing water infiltration.  We removed a large number of column covers, installed relieving angles  and constructed new parged cmu column covers that are mechanically tied into the building structure.  It is safe to say we have had our hands on every portion of the exteriors of the mid-rise buildings over the years.  Our work on the low-rise buildings has been mostly focused on below-grade waterproofing.

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